Feather Home & Living

A multitude of colors and patterns, combining together to create a harmony that is always changing, vibrant and volatile at the blink of an eye as the fluttering wings of a bird, wind ruffling its feathers as it soars the sky. The search for beauty and variety brought our attention to the majestic differences that can be found in nature, what is left untouched by human hands, not tainted by the constant need to take and transform. Our inspiration is expressed through the eyes, constantly trying to recreate the perfect balance of the natural world.A rounded elongated design that creates an idea of height, the Feather collection is eye-catching in every variation.

Freedom of Choice

The vertical interlocking installation gives life to a dynamic rhythm of colors and materials that combine together to create something new. Choosing a single stone to elevate its nuances or selecting a blend of different stones to achieve new compositions, the resulting effect is as breathtaking, as inspiring as the first rays of the sun. Each natural stone has been selected to not only create the best feeling, but also to perfectly combine with each other, in the most stunning and natural way.