Creek Home & Living

Ever changing like the flow of water, placid during calm weather, impossible to stop when moving, surface creasing and creating shapes that are impossible to distinguish, but nevertheless beautiful. Creek finds its strength in the variability of the shapes and the nature of the stone that constitutes it. The special texture of the marble and the different mosaic cuts proposed recreate both the typical atmosphere of ancient urban flooring and that of the masonry of the past. Each piece of the mosaic has its own character, harmonizing within the entire composition, combining aesthetic function and structural requirement to achieve balanced beauty

Like Pebbles in a Stream

The resulting image that emerges by looking through each piece is the same one that arises when faced with the stone monuments of the past: the single piece is able to suggest the final result but it is only by the marriage of the multitude of variegated shapes contained in the regularity of the dimensions that the complete work is brought to completion, a melting pot of shapes, sparks, splinters, streams of a rock never equal to itself and yet so consistent with its strong and decisive character. Like the pebbles of a stream create infinite ripples, this stone moves our eyes relentlessly through the wonderful diversity of nature.