Coffer Home & Living

Since the beginning of time, human beings have been attracted to everything they found fascinating, attracted with the same force as a magnet, a pull impossible to ignore. Whether this beauty was a particular shape found in nature, a flower of a particular color or a sparkling stone shining with the rays of the sun, humans have always found a way to celebrate the gifts of nature that have caught their eye. Nature has always been both inspiration and aspiration, an innate perfection to be achieved by any means, to be celebrated and admired. Since then, taking what Earth has gifted us and using to decorate and embellish ourselves and our homes has become an art form in itself.

Technical Details

Vintage Harmony

The journey to create the Coffer mosaic took harmony as its main goal. Each stone has been selected to become the best accent decoration, with their colors and the patterns created by nature, cut with the utmost care to showcase the best parts of the stone. It was then an obvious choice to select a more neutral stone to encase the decorative ones, to accompany their beauty and make it shine without the risk of overshadowing it