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Shading Home & Living

Vibrant Flow of Beauty

An effortless flow of gradual colors, lighting up the inside of the mosaic; a play of light and shadows, mutually chasing after each other in a harmonious dance.

The Shading collection highlights the possibilities of recycled glass mosaic with a beautiful color palette that is both colorful and muted. With two different shapes to choose from, the range can be the perfect backsplash choice for any room.

Penny Rounds




280 x 277



23 x 98 mm


300 x 300 mm

Find beauty not only in the thing itselfbut in the pattern of the shadows, the light and dark which that thing provides

— Junichiro Tanizaki
The Bricks installation creates a dynamic look that is never boring, where the colors flow from a darker outside to a lighter inside, almost like light shining through each piece to better showcase all the beauty of the mosaic. The Penny Round shape creates a three-dimensional look that almost seems to jump out of the wall, with some pieces lighter and other darker, for a stunning, peculiar aesthetic.

Select the color and shape of your choice, and create a stunning look in any room.