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Bread and Marble Home & Living

Since ancient Greece, marble has been the material of choice for the most breathtaking monuments and buildings, inspiring artists with its uncommon, elegant beauty. Even now, many centuries later, the fascination with this stone has not diminished in the least, and now, most inte- rior decorators, architects and designers prefer to use marble in all its beautiful shades for their designs. The Bread and Marble collection wants to highlight the versatility of all the wonderful shades of marble, showcasing the beauty of the veins and the elegance of the natural tones with different shapes and sizes, perfect for wall decorations of any room.

Ranging from the white and cream tones of Calacatta and Carrara to the darker shades like Nero Marquina, this range of mosaic could fit any kind of design choice. Each shape also highlights each color’ veining, so that any backsplash could have the perfect installation without boring repetitions that could dull the beauty of the stones. From hexagons to picket, from penny rounds to a more detailed lantern, Bread and Marble represent a beautiful range of possibilities of elegance.

A sculptor wields the chisel, and the stricken marble grows to beauty.
- William Cullen Bryant