• Delphinium

  • Helichrysum

  • Olive Essence


The Botanique collection takes the techniques and subjects typical of 17th century botanical essays and brings them back into the present in a more contemporary light. Through the use of copper engraving, plant elements appear between the blank pages, an expression of creativity in between decorative values and scientific knowledge. The thin lines and flat fields of color immediately recall the engravings on metal plates, made through a mixture of acids and inks poured on zinc and copper supports. In between the numerous illustrations, minute details come alive, a showcase of a profound study of the floral elements represented. Every graphic in the color palette brings forward a lush and changing nature to the eye of the viewer, full of the mellow tones of the earth, the bright colors of the flora, shrouded in a soft light almost like a witness to the passing of time and seasons. Thus Botanique is born, a pastel garden that slowly reveals its mysteries.

A world in tension between light and shadow, imprisoned between alchemical mysticism and the scientific method, where the white of the seabed alternates with the colors of the seasons, but also the colors of metals such as gold and silver.

Technical Details

Seed: 73x82 mm | Sheet: 280x340 mm