Ukibori Home & Living

A Journey in Harmony

Sculpting has a long and rich place in our history. Early humans used wood, stone, clay and other natural tools, to create masterpieces that have survived for centuries, still being marveled at today. While technology has taken a relevant place in today’s art forms, traditional methods of carving still remain relevant and appreciated, studied and kept alive by masters of the craft, to be shared with future generations. There is a myriad of ways to manipulate nature to create something new out of it, to transform the world around us into something beautiful and innovative.
Relief carving, or Ukibori, is a particular Japanese carving tradition that consists in creating delicate motifs by raising small bumps on wood, achieving harmonious designs that are subtle in their elegance and beauty but extremely well detailed. The craftmanship needed to master the technique is achieved over years and years of practice and steady works, but the final products showcase the beauty of traditional practices that are centuries old, and which can represent the culture and beliefs of the people of the past.

Technical Details

What Sculpture is to a Block of Marble,
Education is to a Human Soul

— Joseph Addison
The Ukibori collection highlights the beauty of ceramic mosaic with a three-dimensional look that creates a linear design that resembles the carving on wood or stone. The variety of colors allows for looks that seamlessly blend into any room or become a showstopping piece of decor and interior design. The thin size of the single seeds, combined with the carved bump on the ceramic, allows for a linear yet dynamic backsplash that will look stunning in any room.