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Sticks Home & Living

Since the beginning of time, art has been something that humans have surrounded themselves with. Even before humans could grasp the concept of preservation over time, they found a way to create something, to paint it over walls or carve it into stone, forever capturing certain moments for generations to come. Art became not only something that simply existed on the surface; as humans started documenting the history happening around them, their creations became bubbles of knowledge, of hidden meanings representing the time in which they were made, the cultural influence of the era.

Everlasting Elegance
in Simplicity

To study an art piece and recognize its aesthetic is to recognize the moment in time in which it was created, the initial feeling that it wanted to evoke. Not all artistic creations are the same. The diversity of our world, with its kaleidoscope of cultures, makes it so that what is beautiful for someone might not be for someone living in another part of the Earth. Just like fashion, art follows trends, and some elements – like colors or decorations – might only live at their fullest in a specific period.

Technical Details

Enduring the Passage of Time

When designing a house or an office – spaces that might re- quire permanence in time – it’s important to choose elements that will last through time. Sticks wants to make beauty everlasting. The simplicity of the shape tells a story of serenity that lasts through time, undisturbed as the years go by. The concept of simple beauty is highlighted in the brighter colors, which present an inward gradient that captures the eyes, with a subtle granulated effect that will always be elegant. The neutral white and black are perfect for more understated looks that still need a beautiful touch. A collection of balanced beauty.