Honeycomb Home & Living

Humanity always looked at the world and marveled at its structures. Since the ancient times, men have tried to study natural patterns that fascinated them, trying to understand how something so beautiful and often complicated could be simply found in nature, without human hands to craft it. It’s not surprising then, that a higher power has always been in mind, when we look at the world and see such complexity, such beauty, seemingly out of nowhere. Over the centuries, men have recreated and sometimes perfected some of these models, to better adapt them to needs required by certain applications, such as construction of architectural elements that required better support and a delicate balance that was sometimes too complicated to even imagine.

Technical Details

Inspiration from Nature

Honeycomb looks at the well-crafted balance of the world, the elegant rules of mathematics and geometry that can be found in every natural pattern, to take inspiration and create something just as beautiful. The collection presents individual seeds that interlock with each other to create dynamic movement, and it’s made even more interesting by an elevated edge that gives each seed a three dimensional look. The main color presents a crackled effect on the surface that recalls the idea of caramelized honey, and it stands out in combination with seeds that are both slightly lighter and darker. The casual beauty of nature in your own home.