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There is love in beauty, and beauty in love. There is something special even in the simplest of things, in the everyday objects that surround us in life. It only takes to look beneath the surface, dig deeper and focus not only on what is right in front of the eyes, but rather what is hidden, only waiting to be found. It can be said about almost anything in life – a deeper meaning in a conversation, a look of affection between two friends, the love that cannot be explained between a parent and a child.
Turning a house into a home is one of the most beautiful journeys, one that might look simple at first but is deeply personal to each of us – to fill empty rooms with beautiful decorations that hold precious memories, to choose the perfect colors that will complement the taste of the people living between the walls. A home is the place that most hold dearest to their hearts – a place to surround themselves with their prized possessions, to gather together to enjoy each other’s company, a place that is meant to be safe, and warm and filled with joy.

Hidden Beauty
Beneath the Surface

Technical Details

More Than what Meets the Eyes

To design the perfect space for one person is a joy that is hard to explain, and can only be witnessed on your own skin. Each material is an important feature in rooms that will become part of your daily life, so the choice must be made carefully. Frames is the simple beauty that hides beneath the surface; neutral and warm shades that perfectly complement any color choice, with a subtle gradient that is concealed by the fine crackled effect that runs all over the surface. Just like the name suggests, the collection wants to frame the beauty of the space, making the special features in the rooms shine.