Fan Home & Living

Symbol of elegance and grace, fans have been used all around the globe throughout history. Commonly used as a way to communicate without using words, their creation became an art form as different materials were chosen for their construction. Following artistic cultures in various countries, fans have been used as mean to not only adorn someone’s attire, but also decorate different spaces. Used as a special canvas to accompany traditional clothing during festivities, or showcases someone’s wealth, the art of communicating through use of fans has been so widespread that it’s been captured in paintings over the centuries.

Technical Details

Carrying Messages of the Wind

The Fan collection highlights the delicate shape of fish scale mosaic with a color palette made of soft colors that recalls to mind the shades sometimes used on drawing of decorative fans, while also providing more neutral shades to perfectly complement any environment and design choice. The delicate balance of tradition and beauty is made interesting by a subtle three-dimensional effect given by a gradual change in color, going from a darker shade to a softer one, creating a feeling of gentle movement and dynamism.