Evanescence Home & Living

A Sight of Light and Shadow

It is often said that beauty is in the eyes of the person looking. Our eyes perceive colors and images in such different ways, albeit similar enough to create one singular picture in the imaginary collection. Each person perceives light and shadows in various intensities, so that a scenery is always changing, not only looking in one way or another in different times of days, but also varying in shades in front of the eyes of different people, unable to describe the magic they’re witnessing, the mysterious variation of nature.

Light and Shadow Never Stand Still

Evanescence captures the eye with stunning gradual patterns that seem to flow effortlessly into each other, fluctuating from dark to light seamlessly, almost like a veil lifting and falling in front of the viewer. The shape is kept simple to let the colors shine, bold in some shades, more subdued in others. The randomized variation, combined with the installation, allows for a dynamic backsplash. The satin finish casts the most subtle shadow on the colors, letting the deeper shades grab the attention and hold it, while the brighter color seems to echo their true nature, letting some colors shine in their own unique way.